• Nava

We don't deserve dogs.

Yes. I stand by that statement. In fact, it should say "we don't deserve animals." They're basically tricked into surviving with us, pretend we're their family and we control them from there. It might not be that dramatic but you get the point.

I don't know if it's just me... sometimes I feel so guilty about my flaws and failures... but guess what. My dogs don't fucking care. They are the most excited to see me and they just do whatever I ask them to. Well... except dishes or pay rent.

I'm so angry that my 100 lb GSD is relying on me to do everything for her right now. She hates it, I hate it. She's always been my shepherd in every way. So what do I do?

She's in awesome shape for a super elderly dog. She has lost control of her hind end (hips, legs, etc). This is my protector. My guardian. And now I don't know how to guard her from what she's going through. She's so confused.

My goal is to make her as comfortable as ever. And continue to love her more than ever.

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