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Was 2020 all bad?

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Before I type out my personal perspective, let's list out everyone that loved 2020.

Zoom - Pets - Introverts - Commuters - Amazon - Joe Exotic - Mr. Clean - Gamers - Potheads - Claustrophobes - Racists (ya I said it) - Side Hustles - Everyone that hates CrossFit

Enough about y'all, what about me?

At first glance, 2020 looks really shitty for me. My mom was terminally diagnosed, I lost my job, lost a couple of people close to me, broke my leg, found a mass in my breast, my dogs health spiraled, and most recently my best friend tried to kill herself. There's probably more, but who wants to dig up more shit? Not it! All of those things are shitty. Like, super shitty.

The crazy thing about my 2020 is that all of these horrible things gave me a new lease on life. No. That's not the right phrase. They gave me new opportunities in life. Yea, that's the phrase. Not all of them, but many of them got me to where I am today heading in to 2021.

Is 2021 going to be amazing? Probably not. But I hope it's better than any of the last 3 years.

So what's going on now? Well... my debt is paid off, I landed my dream job, I connect often with those I hold dear, I'm losing weight, my relationship is stronger than ever, I outwardly declare my stance on social topics without repercussion, I feel smarter and my dogs now sleep on my bed.

When I think about the order things happened this year, it's easy to see how each event connects to the other. It was so weird to think about how much bad stuff led to great stuff.

Here's one example. When I got laid off from my job of 20 years, they gave me insurance coverage through the end of the year as part of my severance. I lined up all of my medical appointments, every checkup you would ever need. Because I wasn't sure how long I would actually have insurance. Well, on my mammogram appt they found the rather large mass in my left breast. The biopsies began and the tissue samples being tested were all pre-cancerous. This was good news but the tissue needed to be removed to keep me cancer free long term. I would not have caught that if I weren't laid off from my job. That's just one example. I connected with an old co-worker over a former peer that past away, he ended up asking me to come work for him. I mean, this year has been f***in crazy.

Remember when we were like: 2018 will be the best. And then: 2019 will be the best. And then: 2020 is my year. I propose we start chanting about how fucking awful 2021 will be. Maybe that approach will work.

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