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That One Time At Work

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Have you ever had a moment at work where one of your leaders gives you inappropriate "feedback?" Of course you have! Especially if you're a woman, let alone an ethnic woman. I recently changed jobs so I am so excited to get these stories out of my head and out into the world. I hope it helps others.

Let's start off with the Woman Leader. You know who I'm talking about. When D&I got real popular all of the Senior Manager level women wanted to be at the forefront to talk about their experiences. At one of the D&I meetings, one of my former leaders got up and spoke about her experience. I sat there sort of simmering cause I couldn't get her feedback out of my head. Specifically, the time she told me I was going to get a reputation for hiring women. My response was something like "and?" to which I didn't get a response, just a look.

I had made a decision to fill a role on my team with someone who had literally had a baby two days before her interview. She showed up to the interview and I was shocked. And she was awesome! It was the best fit for the role, the most relevant experience, and I couldn't pass her up. I had to figure out what to do about that open location if I hired her. She wasn't coming back to work for 90 days. Well... I figured it out and hired her. Then came the feedback.... "you hired her?" "why?" "you're going to get a reputation."

I am so glad I stood my ground and moved forward with my decision. The candidate was amazing and went on to get multiple promotions.

I never told anyone about it while I worked at that company. Even still, I leave out names or certain info. I learned a ton from that experience and I hope others do to when they hear/read that story.

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