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Moving Suuuuuuuucks.

It fucking sucks. It's miserable.

Not only does getting old sucks. But moving when you're older fucking blows.

See, back in the day we didn't have so much stuff. We could sleep on floors, share tiny bathrooms, borrow clothes, etc. I remember just picking up and moving with only what could fit in my Chevy Blazer.

Fast forward to getting OLD! WTF?

Here you are. You've collected all of this cool stuff over the years. You've even invested in nice furniture and a super supportive mattress. You even live in the same place for years at a time, not the short lease or year lease of the past. And now, you decide to move again.

This time around, I packed up one room and went straight to the internet to find movers and proper packing materials. No more wrapping up my clothes in sheets like a burrito or filling my luggage with my belongings. It was expensive and intense. Somehow my back still hurts (how?). It was such a different experience. Money made things easier for sure. Did it make moving suck less? No.

I don't have any recommendations other then outsource if you can. Moving sucks. That's all this post is about. Sorry not sorry.

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