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Join me anytime for a coffee chat. Sometimes it's live, sometimes it's on chat and sometimes we're so verklempt we just post. No topic is ever off limits. So come on... spill the tea with me!


That One Time At Work

Have you ever had a moment at work where one of your leaders gives you inappropriate "feedback?" Of course you have! Especially if you're...

We don't deserve dogs.

Yes. I stand by that statement. In fact, it should say "we don't deserve animals." They're basically tricked into surviving with us,...

Moving Suuuuuuuucks.

It fucking sucks. It's miserable. Not only does getting old sucks. But moving when you're older fucking blows. See, back in the day we...

Was 2020 all bad?

Before I type out my personal perspective, let's list out everyone that loved 2020. Zoom - Pets - Introverts - Commuters - Amazon - Joe...

Bloggity Blog Blog blah

I always think up these great topics to blog about at totally random times. And then when I have time to actually blog, I can't remember...

Catchy Title goes here...

Writing your first post sure does come with a lot of pressure. Let's just go ahead and set those high expectations aside. After all,...


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